Lucas (EN)

Even before meeting Lucas in person, I pegged him as an extremely spontaneous and likable guy. The first time we’d seen each other in real life, we were both fresh into adulthood. Age-wise, that is. We still had a lot of work ahead of us to really be adults in the true sense of the word. Either way, after so many of our midnight-through-3-AM online conversations, sometimes about everything, sometimes about nothing, we finally met in Prague with four or five other guys. I had to admit, the spontaneity and likability certainly weren’t reserved just for the online world. First off, he almost immediately bought weed off from a random guy in the subway. Who does that? After we checked out some of the historic buildings like the good tourists we were, the party moved to a local disco. Before I could even order my first drink, he had two women on his fingers—literally, mind you—all this with an airplane smell still on him. That’s some serious efficiency.

He’s the kind of guy who wakes up on Saturday, and before he’s halfway through with his morning coffee, he decides he’s gonna fly to Serbia on Monday. Why’s that? To cover stories of war-torn people for a thing that perhaps one day would make for a good book. Are you sure? Is this a good idea? Yes, and yes. His mind is made up and the planning doesn’t take much longer than what it takes to pack a small suitcase with the basics along with a book about various chess openings. He’s nice enough to ask if you want to join in on the fun—because hey, there are cheap hotels, some even without bullet holes in them. After the gentle refusal, which was always inevitable because screw Serbia, he responds by being MIA for two months.

When we finally connected to catch up, he bombarded me with beautiful, albeit depressive, photos and hilarious yet sad stories. That’s part of his magic; it’s difficult to put him on a specific spot on any spectrum. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he’s using the lockdowns we have to deal with both destructively, and creatively: getting high too much, as well as creating a new hobby project or three. And that’s the story of, which he lunched just two days ago, introducing a place where creative people can sell their beautiful stuff to the masses.

Může jít o obrázek 2 lidé
All grown-up this time. We spent the weekend rucking across Moravia. Sore as we were, we celebrated by a long sprint as we hit the 100K mark on Sunday. So maybe not so grown-up after all.

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